Migration update:

Migration to a new server has been completed. If you cannot access it from a Google Apps-controlled domain (i.e. not user@gmail.com), here is a description of how to get partychat working with Google Apps domains.

Please follow partychat on Twitter for more up to date details.

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What are the commands I can use?

How can I correct things I (or others) have said?

If you make a typo, you can easily do a search-and-replace to indicate that you really mean. You can do this by saying s/to replace/replacement/, for example:

me: man, Kushal sure is horny today.
partychat: dolapo meant man, Kushal sure is corny today

Even better, you can use this to to correct what others have said, by prefixing it with their name:

dolapo: that's corny, kushal
kushal: dolapo: s/that's c/I'm h/
partychat: kushal thinks dolapo meant I'm horny, kushal
dolapo: seeya
kushal: dolapo: s/see/boo/
partychat: kushal thinks dolapo meant booya

How can I give and take away points?

You can give points to things you like by typing ++ at the end of them in your message, and the PlusPlusBot will keep track of them for you. For example, you might say partychat++ for being so handy. This adds one to the score for partychat, which you cab see by typing /score partychat. Or you can take points away from things you dislike, such as kushal-- for another bad pun.

You can also see all the recent reasons why someone/something got points by saying /reasons thing. If you use the web page for a room (see below), you can see all the things have points in that room, along with handy graphs.

What gets logged when I use Partychat?

What you say in a room in Partychat may be logged in various places, here's the list of them as best as we can tell:

By Partychat: If you enable logging for a room (controlled by the web interface), then recent messages (currently 10 for each member) will be logged. This enables the search and replace feature and /undo commands to work.

By Gmail/Google Talk: If you use a Gmail/Google Talk account, chats may be archived by default (this is what enables messages that were sent while offline to be delivered to you later). If you'd like to turn this off, you can enable off the record mode.

By your chat client: If you use a desktop chat client such as Adium, chat history may be saved by that client as well. Check your client's settings or documentation for more details.

Can I access Partychat from my browser?

Sort of. Each room has a web page. If you sign in, you'll see a list of the rooms you're in on the homepage, with each room being a link. Alternatively, you can visit http://partychapp.appspot.com/room/<room name> to go to a room's web page directly.

On the web page, you can change a room's logging settings, see PlusPlusBot scores, and invite other users.

How can I give feedback?

You can give feedback to the developers at .

Partychat or Partychapp?

We're called Partychat, but due to various reasons we could not get partychat.appspot.com when we switched to Google's App Engine, so getting a name that sounds like Partychat but also alludes to the fact that we run on App Engine was the next best thing.